Your 90 day trial period – 8 ways to be a star!


You’ve got a job offer including the standard probationary period. Here’s how to make sure you are still a star after 90 days.

Turn up on time and stick to scheduled breaks

Start and finish times are not deadlines for bolting in and out the front door of your workplace.

If you start at 9am, walk through the door no later than ten minutes earlier. A 9am start means you begin working productively at 9am. A good way to irritate your employers and fellow staff is to rush through the door at precisely 9am and then proceed to make coffee and check your phone. This also applies to the end of the day– a 5pm finish means you keep working until 5 rather than standing poised by the door at 4.50.

Stick to break times and don’t take extra ones. If you are a smoker this doesn’t mean you get extra breaks. Breaks are often staggered and if you are late back this affects the next person.

Get on with everyone and keep it professional

It helps if they like you. Make an effort to be polite and considerate to everyone in the organisation. Avoid being dragged into office politics and gossip and keep a positive and cheerful attitude.

Being friendly and socialising with other staff during breaks is great, oversharing is not. Overshares include things such as relationship breakups, hangovers, or your intense dislike of your flatmate.

The same rules apply at work social functions, where you should keep your drinking to a minimum even if it’s free!

Look for extra work

If you’ve finished the task you have been given, ask for another one. If your work revolves around attending to customers and there is downtime then clean and tidy, dust shelves, do the lunchroom dishes and look for anything else that may require attention. This kind of behaviour is noticed and makes you stand out as someone to keep around.

Learn as much as you can

Aim to have become as useful as possible to the organisation after  your 90 days. Familiarise yourself with the processes, computer programs and general operations that affect your role. Ask questions and don’t be afraid to admit a mistake. Many processes are simply a matter of remembering the steps, so keep a notebook on you.

The boring bits

Like everything else, work has its good and bad times and even some boring bits! Work should be rewarding and enjoyable for the most part, however do keep in mind that you get paid for all parts of your job, and sometimes this is reward enough.

Put your phone away

Only check your phone during break time and if it’s in your pocket, keep in on silent. Similarly, don’t use work computers for personal use.

Sick days

Unless you genuinely need a day off due to illness, don’t call in sick. Be mindful of ‘big nights’ and how this may affect your ability to work the next day. A good attendance record at your new workplace is very important.

Enjoy it!

Earning money, working with others and learning new skills are some of the great things about your new job. Enjoy the opportunity and use this advice to continue your success into the future.


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