The value of part-time jobs for students

There is some debate about the merits of part-time work for school students or those attending courses, with a feeling that it may distract from course work. At CareerStart we believe that in most cases the benefits far outweigh the negatives. Providing some thought goes into the amount and schedule of work hours, this window to the workforce offers huge benefits to students.

Work ethic

Developing a good work ethic is vital to staying in employment later in life.

A sense of responsibility and discipline with regard to completing tasks, punctuality and focus is fostered in the workplace, with much more immediate consequences than in at school where it is generally only the individual that lets themselves down.

Earning money

There is a sense of independence and choice that arises from earning money for the first time. It also demonstrates in a very basic sense that doing work is rewarded by being paid, and personal actions such as doing that work consistently well may result in a pay rise, and working extra hours means extra cash.

Life skills

The world of work offers both good and bad experiences and there will be more of both throughout everyone’s careers. Learning to deal with things such as monotony, unfairness,  conflict and difficult personalities help to develop one of the most important of life skills; resilience.


The interpersonal skills required for working successfully in a team help students to see the power of cooperation and the importance of understanding how their own actions impact on others. Being late back from a break may mean someone else misses out or being inflexible on finish times may mean angry customers.

Contacts and Career Pathways

A part time job may spark an interest in a future career. Many supermarket owners and FMCG executives started off working the checkout after school. Contacts made early on may serve well later as mentors, for assistance with tertiary study projects or for permanent work opportunities in the future.

Interpersonal skills

The workplace is a great training ground for learning how to relate effectively to a wide range of people in a variety of circumstances. Respectful communication with everyone from supervisors through to unhappy customers means that good employees develop excellent people skills.


As a coach (or a student) tell us your thoughts on part time work for students in the comments.

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